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So, crawl out of your warm bed, step outside a few times during the night, and watch the progress of the total (almost) lunar eclipse. Don’t worry, most of the cotton is already in.

Headline: See a total lunar eclipse (almost) this month | Lifestyles

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  • Let’s continue these little thought experiments. The Sun is huge, much larger than Earth. The Moon is about ¼ the diameter of Earth. But the Sun is far, and the Moon is close. So, they appear to be about the same size. For a solar eclipse, you must be at the correct place on Earth for the Moon to eclipse the Sun. On August 21, 2017, my wife and I, and 400,000 other folks, visited Greenville, S.C., to view a solar eclipse. Now imagine you are standing on the surface of the Moon. The Earth appears four times larger than the Sun. During a total lunar eclipse, the entire lunar surface is in the shadow of the Earth. Everyone where the Moon is in the sky at that time can see the lunar eclipse. 

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