Some Android phones Android Auto stops working


In other words, if you want to run Android Auto with a cable, your mobile device must be running at least Android 8. Previously, the oldest version of Android that was supported by Android Auto was Android 6.0. While the Mountain View-based search giant hasn’t released an announcement on this front, it now looks like Android Auto has stopped running on devices that do not meet the updated system requirements. When trying to launch Android Auto on a device that runs a version of Android older than 8.0, the app displays a message reading “this device does not support Android Auto.” There’s no way to bypass the message, and users can only exit the app.

Google’s decision to drop support for older versions of Android isn’t necessarily a big surprise. Software companies typically leave behind the oldest releases once their number of users drops substantially. This approach makes it possible to focus on the latest updates, and of course, to invest in new functionality that wouldn’t be possible in older versions. At this point, the latest version of Android Auto is 7.9, with the rollout currently underway through the Google Play Store. The next version, which could be Android Auto 8.0, is scheduled to go live in August, possibly with the highly anticipated Coolwalk overhaul.

Story Highlights

  • It was recently uncovered that Google had secretly upgraded Android Auto’s system requirements, effectively making Android 8.0 or later a must for consumers who rely on wired connections in their vehicles. Android 8.0 or later is now required for Android Auto. The updated Auto UI for Android The updated Auto UI for Android The updated Auto UI for Android The updated Auto UI for Android the new Auto UI for Android.

  • At this point, the only workaround known to exist in order to run Android Auto on a device with an older version of Android is to downgrade the app to an earlier release. At first glance, it looks like Android Auto 7.4 is the one that works, though this version could be blocked as well if Google decides to enforce the new system requirements.