Sophia Mays donates alternative to Mayor Hart | Political News

Sophia Mays donates alternative to Mayor Hart |  Political News

“I went seeking help,” she said. “The whole situation was a mental health situation; I’ve been looking to clear that up for some time.”

That incident and others spurred her to create the “Free Sophia” campaign because of what she said was “people calling the police on me” unfairly. The campaign has been running for nearly two years, with signs Mays makes and puts around town and clothing she sells online.

If Mays is found guilty of either felony, however, she would be legally barred from holding public office until her rights are restored by Iowa’s governor, in addition to facing up to 25 years in prison.

Story Highlights

  • After several COVID-related continuances, her jury trial is now slated to begin on Election Day, according to online court documents.

  • Now that she’s received therapy and medication, Mays recognizes the incident was a mental breakdown for her previously undiagnosed depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, common afflictions for veterans like her. She hopes a judge recognizes that, too, so her charges can be dropped.