Spotify acknowledges Battery Issue Issues on iOS 14.8 and iOS 15, Promises Fix Quickly

Spotify acknowledges Battery Issue Issues on iOS 14.8 and iOS 15, Promises Fix Quickly

Users reporting the issue on the thread indicate that Spotify is listed as a consumer of battery life due to background activity for no clear reason. While most of the reports are from iOS 14.8 and iOS 15.0 users, there have been other sporadic reports of battery drain on older iOS versions. These users are advised to update for a possible patch and improved security.

See update at the end of the article Spotify confirmed this week that its plans to add AirPlay 2 support to its iOS app have been suspended indefinitely. In a post on the online discussion forum, a Spotify representative said the streaming music service had been working on supporting AirPlay 2, but the company had suspended efforts “for now” because of “audio driver compatibility issues”.

Amid the ongoing legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, Spotify’s Chief Legal Officer and Head of Global Affairs Horacio Gutierrez penned an anti-App Store post in the Wall Street Journal summarizing Spotify’s problems with Apple. Gutierrez says Spotify is one of the few companies to insist that Apple is an “unscrupulous bully who uses its dominance to hobble its competitors.”

Apple today released iOS 14.8, the eighth major update to the iOS operating system that was released in September 2020. iOS 14.8 comes two months after the release of iOS 14.7, an update that introduced support for MagSafe Battery Pack. The iOS 14.8 update can be downloaded for free and the software is available wirelessly on all eligible devices in the Settings app.

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  • In a long and ongoing support thread on its website that began weeks ago, Spotify says it is aware of battery usage reports and that it has forwarded these reports to its iOS technical team. Spotify doesn’t say when a fix might come, or if it’s an app update or other troubleshooting steps.

  • While Spotify is seen as the main culprit for the excessive drainage, it could also be an iOS 15 bug for some users. “IOS 15” was riddled with several bugs, including one that limited Apple Watch functionality with the just-released iPhone 13, issues with Apple Music, and other bugs that Apple has promised fixes for. Apple may plan to release iOS 15.0.1 later this week to address these and other issues.