Star Citizen crowd support has been over $ 400 million

Star Citizen crowd support has been over $ 400 million

The Kickstarter campaign for the game drew in over US$2 million but it has now surpassed all odds. Around 3 million gamers who are waiting for this project have contributed over $400 Million towards this game’s development. In early 2020, Cloud Imperium Games had raised over $300 Million and now they have $100 million more in their pockets.

Fans have shown immense patience and love for this game, and it is high time now that we hear something about it. Seriously, all this is a bit insane considering that there is still no release date for the project. But before we all get fiery, here’s what the devs have to say about the immense delays.

Even after raising so much amount, the game is nowhere near a release, and it has become a bit frustrating. You might be aware that Squadron 42 was supposed to be the starting campaign of the Star Citizen Project. It was then announced to be a standalone project which will act as a starter for the main game. We have no information about its release as well, let alone Star Citizen. All we know is this.

Story Highlights

  • Some of you may be familiar with Star Citizen, a massive crowdfunded project. Cloud Imperium Games is currently working on a multiplayer space trading and warfare simulation game. It was unveiled on October 18, 2012, following a successful Kickstarter campaign, and is planned to be a spiritual successor to 2003’s Freelancer. Even though it has reached this milestone, it has been under development since then.

  • It is the highest crowdfunded video game and one of the highest-funded crowdfunding projects overall. After the Kickstarter campaign, they raised funds through the sale of ships and other in-game content. Even the game’s marketing campaign is now externally funded, and all this has led to some criticism. To be honest, rightly so!