‘Super Science with Drew’: Show off at Exploratorium’s Giant Mirror

'Super Science with Drew': Show off at Exploratorium's Giant Mirror

“The Giant Mirror exhibit is a way out behind us, but the images appear in front because it is curved,” explained Julie Yu, a senior scientist with the Exploratorium.

The mirror’s spectacular size and near-perfect smoothness make for exceptional clarity. Each person that looks in the mirror will see something uniquely personal.

Watch the video above to join Drew as he reflects in this oversized mirror with endless possibilities.

“What’s interesting to note about mirrors and reflections, in general, is our experiences are our personal experiences, began Yu. “They are based on our eyes, which are in different positions.”

Story Highlights

  • Designed to be part of a flight simulator, a small flaw made the Giant Mirror unusable for its intended purpose, but perfect for a science exhibit.

  • This mirror’s concave spherical shape focuses incoming light to a point called the focal point-about 1.5 meters (5 feet) from its surface. Depending on where you stand relative to this focal point, you can give yourself a high five, watch a friend’s head shrink and expand, or enjoy a super-sharp view of distant objects.

For more exhibit information and to plan your visit, go here.

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