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  Support teaching accurate history and science |  PennLive books

This kind of incomplete information has resulted in many of our young people growing up in a culture of disrespect for whom they are and that do not acknowledge the work of their forebears in building our great country.

Let us all support our teachers and school boards in this incredibly important endeavor.

Joan Bechtel, Newville, Pa., is a member of the Social Justice Committee and Antiracism Initiative of the Unitarian Universalists of the Cumberland Valley.

Story Highlights

  • Sadly, some folks want to skip over significant events in our history in the misguided view that knowing the full story will damage our children. In school we were taught about the pilgrims, the arrival of the Mayflower, and Columbus’ discovery of America. We were not taught that Native Americans had already been living in this country for thousands of years. We were not informed that the first Black people arrived in Virginia in 1619 on the slave ship White Lion and were sold as slaves to the settlers there.

  • The first principle of the Unitarian Universalist faith is the inherent worth and dignity of every person. To this end the contributions of all our peoples need to be respected and appreciated. All children need to be taught to work together proudly and with mutual respect to avoid mistakes past and to do the work of building and supporting a democracy’s highest principles so that there is truly liberty justice for all.