SWGA Science and Technology Centers to receive a Chromebook offer

SWGA Science and Technology Centers to receive a Chromebook offer

The Chromebook donations are geared to help children make up for the year of learning because of the pandemic. They have added hands-on activities that children can have access to for afterschool learning purposes.

GYSTC is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide programming for students, parents, and teachers. They target mostly kindergarten through eighth grade students in the subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“The Chromebooks are a tool but they’re really more than that because they come with our support,” Amanda Buice, GYSTC executive director, said.

Siemens has established a long-lasting partnership with GYSTC by providing many resources to them to help the betterment of student learning. They have gifted these students in the form of materials, technical assistance, cash donations and now, 300 Chromebooks.

Story Highlights

  • This donation will help students learn in new ways. They hope this encourages more corporations to do the same.

  • Amanda Buice is the GYSTC executive director.(GYSTC)

These donations will start in Clay County and will continue throughout the 11 regional centers and programs, in schools and campuses Southwest Georgia.

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