T-ultimate Mobile’s iPhone Pro Max hacking can get you the most expensive Applephone for free

T-ultimate Mobile's iPhone Pro Max hacking can get you the most expensive Applephone for free

Let me reduce that this is not for everyone. In fact, it’s pretty specific.You must have purchased iPhone 12 Pro Max And become a phone enthusiast who already knows you want to upgrade to 13 Pro Max. However, it’s not a big leap to say, Migrate from iPhone X or iPhone XS.Liven up your little story with the latest tech news, products and reviews. Weekday delivery.

So are you a big phone fan who also wants T-Mobile’s most expensive plans? If so, here’s what you can do to get your iPhone 13 Pro Max basically for free: Start by purchasing the iPhone 13 Pro Max directly from Apple’s website. In that case, select T-Mobile to get the trade-in offer details. This shows that the iPhone 12 Pro Max comes with up to $ 1,290 in credits. If your phone is in good condition (meaning there are no cracks or other damage to the screen), $ 790 of that comes from Apple. The remaining $ 500 will be provided by T-Mobile in the form of billing credits.

For the first $ 790, Apple will offer it as an immediate credit if you choose to pay by phone in monthly installments, or as a credit after you trade in 12 Pro Max. Once part of Apple’s transaction is set up, you’ll receive a promo code to enter on the T-Mobile website and receive the remaining $ 500 as billing credits over a 24-month period (a little less than $ 21 per month). ). The T-Mobile offers listed on Apple’s website also show trade-in offers for handing over your iPhone X or iPhone 11. Yes, as is often the case since “death” 2-year contractIf you want to receive the full $ 500, you need to stay at T-Mobile for 24 months. But $ 1,290 should cover the cost of the 256GB iPhone 13 Pro Max, and should be hundreds of dollars for the 512GB or 1TB option.

Credits are granted regardless of the storage capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so if you bought the 128GB version last year for $ 1,099, you might be able to redeem up to a 256GB version of the 13 Pro Max for some fees. I have. Telephone tax.

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  • If you absolutely need an iPhone 13 Pro Max and already have a 12 Pro Max, you can use this offer to cover your phone bill. Apple iPhone 13 line is now available for pre-order, And obviously the most exciting Trade-in offer..This year’s phone is a refinement of last year’s iPhone 12 line, but it may be basically free for anyone who wants to stay on the cutting edge. iPhone 13 Pro Max By making a trade-in that includes up to $ 1,290 on the phone.

  • You must also be interested in switching to T-Mobile or already a current customer of T-Mobile and sign up for (or agree to maintain) a Magenta Max plan that includes benefits such as HD. is needed. A layer of Netflix and 4K video streaming with a cellular connection.

This way you can also participate in T-Mobile’s “Forever Upgrade” program. This program guarantees that the new Pro Max is worth at least $ 800 over two years. Then be prepared if you want to trade to a carrier.

A hidden twist for those who traded at last year’s 12ProMax
Here, mileage may change further. We asked T-Mobile on Friday if this promotion would overlap with previous deals offered by carriers last year on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. They said, and if it holds up, you might be able to pocket any promotion and cover the iPhone 13 Pro Max with new credits.

As long as you stay with T-Mobile for the rest of that funding period (probably planning to get the $ 500 discount described above), you should still be able to get these credits, even if you trade in. is. Call Apple. In my personal experience, when I call T-Mobile’s customer service, I have to repay the remaining balance of my iPhone 12 Pro Max purchased last summer with a $ 500 billing credit to trade in. They said. More than 2 years. As a result, existing T-Mobile customers are strongly encouraged to call the support line to verify that this promotional pass works, especially if they are already receiving concessions.

The ultimate T-Mobile iPhone 13 Pro Max hack could get you Apple’s highest-end phone for free Source link The ultimate T-Mobile iPhone 13 Pro Max hack could get you Apple’s highest-end phone for free