Taos News Unnamed Heroes Make Congress Record | Politics

  Taos News Unnamed Heroes Make Congress Record |  Politics

“Listening to the stories of the community-based work and love that each of the heroes brought to Taos swelled my heart with pride for Taos,” she said. “I entered the names and accomplishments of the heroes into the Congressional record because their work deserves to be recognized at a national level. I am grateful to serve such selfless working people who devoted their time and energy to everything we value as Nuevo Mexicano.”

“After listening and meeting with you, my heart is filled with inspiration and hope,” Leger Fernandez wrote at the end of her congressional record submission. “It is your passion and the passion of so many more that bring peace, prosperity and harmony to our beloved communities. Thank you.”

Story Highlights

  • After Leger Fernández attended the Taos News event held on Oct. 6, she chose to honor the 10 Unsung Heroes and the 2021 Citizen of the Year. The honorees were chosen by an independent committee based on their impacts on Taos’ society.

  • Leger Fernández officially honored each of the individuals recognized and made brief statements about each one: Benito Concha, Judy Weinrobe, Bette Myerson, Anita Bringas, Kathryn Herman, Malaquias Rael Jr., Roels “Roy” Cunnyngham, Lisa Abeyta-Valerio, Pauline Mondragon, Vlademar DeHerrera and David Elliot.