Telangana launched an insurance scheme to support the families of bereaved weavers


“On the lines of Rythu Beema Scheme, the government is introducing the “Nethana Beema” scheme to provide financial support to the bereaved families of handloom and powerloom weavers. This scheme will be launched on National Handloom Day on August 7, 2022,” he added.

The nodal agency for the implementation of this scheme will be the state government’s Department of Handlooms and Textiles. KTR further disclosed that the state government and the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) had a contract for this programme. Additionally, he said that Telangana’s government would be paying the LIC’s premium.

“The Telangana Govt every year is allocating a special budget (from BC Welfare) of Rs 1,200 Crores since 2016-17 to strengthen the handloom and powerloom sectors. This is in addition to the regular budget allocated to the Department of Handlooms and Textiles,” he said.

For this programme, the government has allotted Rs 50 crores, of which Rs 25 crores have already been issued. Under 60-year-old weavers are eligible for the programme. The programme benefits about 80,000 handloom and powerloom weavers. According to Minister KTR, committees at the state and district levels would soon be constituted to carry out the Nethana Beema initiative.

Story Highlights

  • “Telangana government is implementing various welfare schemes to uplift the weaver’s community in the state,” KTR said.

  • “The amount will be credited into the bank account of the family member within 10 days after the death of the weaver,” the Minister said.

“The Telangana Govt has allocated Rs 55.12 Crores as a regular budget to Dept. of Handlooms and Textiles for the FY 2022-23. Another Rs 400 Crores were allocated for the welfare of the weaker sections,” the Minister added.

According to Minister KTR, no other state government in the nation is carrying out welfare programmes for the community of weavers like the Telangana administration. He stated that representatives from Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Odisha visited Telangana and praised the state’s initiatives. Prior to its August 7 launch, KTR convened a review meeting for the Neethana Beema Scheme. The administrators told the minister that they are spreading information about the programme among the weavers. Minister KTR offered the officials instructions for the scheme’s successful implementation during the meeting.