Thanks to “Super Clear Lens,” the Galaxy S22 Ultra may be able to solve long-standing Android iPhone image matter

Thanks to “Super Clear Lens,” the Galaxy S22 Ultra may be able to solve long-standing Android iPhone image matter

Lens flare issues with my Google Pixel 6 Pro. – Galaxy S22 Ultra to fix everlasting Android and iPhone camera issue, thanks to “Super Clear Lens”? Lens flare issues with my Google Pixel 6 Pro. And if the camera really is important to you, you should probably know about the huge role that light plays in photo and video quality. More specifically, I’m referring to how smartphones gather, filter, and process light. This exercise is relatively easy in daylight, both for phones and dedicated cameras. Of course, there’s an exception, and that’s because of… the sun. When taking a photo in direct sunlight, the phone will usually have difficulty balancing the bright background and the subject that stands in front. Chances are, one of the two will end up underexposed or overexposed.

Now, when we’ve identified an apparent weak point in the smartphone camera in the face of lens flares and reflections, we are also lucky to have the solution for the problem hiding in plain sight. It will be a shame if companies like Samsung, Apple, and Google keep ignoring it. Let’s cross our fingers for the Galaxy S22 Ultra because if this phone can set the standard, many others may follow through.

Finally, on a positive note, the aforementioned reliable leaker, Ice Universe, has said that Samsung’s new Galaxy S22 Ultra phone now takes photos with much greater detail and improved HDR, compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Let’s hope part of the reason for that is the new “Super Clear Lens”.

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  • This won’t be a fresh topic of discussion for our regular readers, and you might even find the storey a little repetitious. However, as a writer, I believe that keeping track of specific flaws and how they grow might be beneficial: The camera on a smartphone has fast become the focal point of the device. That’s why, when consumers are trying to decide which new phone to buy, the first question they ask is, “How’s the camera?” Whether you’re a techie or a regular Joe, the camera is likely to be important to you. Lens flares and reflections have plagued iPhones, Galaxy phones, and Pixel phones for years, including the iPhone 13, Galaxy S21, and Pixel 6.

  • However, even without a subject in the foreground, shooting against the sun is still a big challenge for phones, which usually feature plastic lens elements that aren’t great at dealing with lens flares. For ages, this has been the story with virtually every modern phone. Even the latest and greatest flagships from Apple, Samsung, and Google can quickly fall apart in challenging lighting scenarios. We’ve talked about the iPhone’s Flaregate several times, but the truth is that even my Google Pixel 6 Pro starts to tap out when I take a photo with the presence of bright light sources. In fact, the Pixel is arguably worse than the iPhone now. The ironic part is that Pixels are known to have some of the best HDR (high dynamic range), right? Well, not anymore.