Thanks to the squid game, the Fall Guys can recreate the concept of a previously deleted game

Thanks to the squid game, the Fall Guys can recreate the concept of a previously deleted game

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was released back in 2020 and features multiple games where people compete with each other until there is only one standing, similar to the premise of the highly popular Netflix show Squid Game. With this comparison, it seems likely that some sort of Squid Game and Fall Guys crossover could happen. Now it seems that something is potentially in the works.

Squid Game features similar children’s games in a colorful setting, but with a much darker undertone. The Red Light Green Light game that was played in the first round of the show was actually a game mode that the Fall Guys developers considered implementing. However, it was scrapped initially due to the studio not being sure how it would work in a videogame format.

There are already plenty of fan-made versions of Squid Game that the developers can take inspiration from. Firstly, the multiple different versions of Squid Game in Roblox feature versions of Red Light Green Light that work well. Additionally, there are codes for Squid Game in Fortnite that developers can try out if they want to play it with a controller.

Walsh goes into more detail by stating that staying still in real life is much more complicated than doing it in a video game. All gamers would have to do is put the controller down. For that reason, it never made sense to try and make the game work. Now, after seeing Squid Game’s popularity, the team is willing to take another crack at implementing Red Light Green Light into the game.

Story Highlights

  • Following the success of Squid Game, the developers of Fall Guys have stated that they are considering reviving a previously abandoned level concept.

  • During an interview with Techradar, one of the game designers for the game, Joe Walsh, was talking about scrapped ideas for levels in Fall Guys. Currently, the team is struggling to come up with new concepts for game modes. However, due to the popularity of Squid Game, the studio might revive one of its discarded ideas that is similar to one of the games played in the show.

With all these different fan versions of the game being made, it makes sense why Fall Guys’ developers would want to jump in on this trend as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is currently no news if there is going to be a season 2 of Squid Game, so the developers would need to strike now while the iron is hot. Hopefully, if this new game mode gets made, this can spark new interest in an already over-saturated game market of Battle Royale games.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now for PC and PS4, with Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S versions releasing later this year.