The 5 Most Played Games for Games Unveiled by the Xbox Museum.

The 5 Most Played Games for Games Unveiled by the Xbox Museum.

The online Xbox museum gives Xbox users an opportunity to interact with various aspects of the company’s history. From the original Xbox through the Xbox 360 to the Halo franchise, there’s something for everyone. There’s even a link to see the entire letter that Xbox sent Nintendo in regards to acquiring the studio. The museum does, however, have a method for people to interact with their own Xbox history.

This feature is quite an ingenious addition to the museum, since it highlights each user’s individual history with Xbox over the course of the last 20 years. It allows fans a deeper and more introspective connection with Xbox as a whole. For fans that have been around since the days of the original Xbox or even the Xbox 360, it’s certainly impactful to see those statistics.

It will be interesting to see what Xbox has in store for fans in the future. Prominent Xbox figureheads such as Phil Spencer are constantly discussing future prospects and innovations in gaming. If the past 20 years of Xbox are any indication, then Microsoft will indubitably have a lot more content in store for its loyal group of fans.

It’s amazing to see how far Xbox has come as a video game platform over the last two decades. While Xbox is comparatively younger than studios like Sony and Nintendo, the studio has definitely influenced the gaming industry in very significant ways within the last 20 years. With a former Sega president claiming that Xbox had picked up where Sega left off in terms of online gaming.

Story Highlights

  • Xbox will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2021, and the company has already done a lot to commemorate the milestone. The digital Xbox museum debuted today, giving fans of the brand an up-close look at everything Xbox has done leading up to the launching of the Xbox Series X/S. Some fans may not be aware, though, that the museum gives users with a facility to look back on some of the most important games they’ve ever played.

  • Of the six digital museum exhibits that fans can explore via the Xbox online museum, one of them focuses exclusively on the personal history of each individual Xbox user that logs on to the museum. The exhibit showcases how many games they played, how much Gamerscore the user earned each year they owned each particular console, as well as their top five most played games.