The Better Business Bureau warns of it Facebook scam

The Better Business Bureau warns of it Facebook scam

Scammers will often create fake accounts with pictures from someone the victim knows. If this happens, it is critical to change one’s password and report it to Facebook.

“Make sure you don’t have any personal information; your telephone number, your address, or as little information as possible on your Facebook profile,” said Dennis Horton, the Director of the Rockford Better Business Bureau. “That’s where hackers get the upper hand. When you tell them all there is to know about you, it’s very easy to develop another profile on you.”

According to, an estimated 16% of all Facebook accounts were fake, or duplicates, in 2020.

Story Highlights

  • According to the BBB, the scammers are after personal information, which is then used to steal a person’s identity and money.

  • The BBB said that it is important to control what information about oneself is avaliable.