The city’s long-term business demands change after burglary | Home News

  The city's long-term business demands change after burglary |  Home News

“They made it to the front register and stole 15 handmade Damascus steel knives,” Barrett said.

“We had a homeless camp move in across the street right before the month of October and there’s a dramatic increase in crime all of a sudden,” Barrett said.

“I had to get a hold of the DA, well what’s going on, why were these guys let go? We have them on camera, we sent you video and I guess there was a miscommunication or failure of a police officer uploading a video to some data base the DA checks for evidence so they were let go immediately,” Barrett said.

Two people were arrested the day after the break-in, but by Monday, Barrett says they were let go and back on the streets.

Story Highlights

  • Josh Barrett, manager of the Portland Outdoor Store, said two people got into a gated area and used a steel bar to break a window and get inside on October 29.

  • He says he thinks the criminals lived across the street in a homeless camp.

FOX 12 did reach out to both Portland police and the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office for comment but have not heard back.

Barrett says something needs to change because many businesses downtown are feeling the effects of crime.

“I’ve heard numerous people say oh I don’t come down here anymore, I haven’t come down here in years because it’s so scary from all the homeless stuff. It’s a bummer because we think this city’s awesome and we want to see it get back to what it used to be,” he said. The Portland Outdoor Store downtown location has been there for 100 years and is the last location in the state.

In just one month they’re looking at nearly $40,000 in damages from all the attempted break-ins. The knives that were taken have not been recovered. Copyright 2021 KPTV-KPDX Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved.