The dream of an independent India can only be realized if the number of independent communities grows

The dream of an independent India can only be realized if the number of independent communities grows

“The entire vision of rural development – development of the individual, the village and the region – has been implemented by the government led by PM Narendra Modi. Even today 70 per cent of India lives in its villages and even today there are people who live in villages that are most in need of development. It is our responsibility to take away the darkness in the lives of our fellow citizens who have not received the chance of any development.”

That is why if we connect 70 percent of the rural population with the task of speeding up the economy, then Narendra Modi’s dream of a USD 5 trillion economy will be fulfilled within five years”. The Union Minister highlighted that rural development will help in making villages self-reliant. “Development from bottom-up is required to be taken up.

“Cooperatives have to be made more inclusive, transparent, modern and technology-intensive and through cooperatives the individual and the village have to become self-reliant. All this can happen only when institutions like IRMA will increase their contribution,” he said. He said education is such a beautiful thing that no one can take it away from you, but if you forget the purpose of education, then you will take away your own education from yourself.

PM Modi has placed the vision of a self-reliant India before the Nation and the dream of a self-reliant India can be fulfilled only when the number of self-reliant villages increases. If the village has to be made self-reliant, that will only happen with rural development,” Shah said. The Union Minister for Cooperation said that IRMA also needs to contribute more to promote the cooperative sector as the cooperation is inclusive.

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  • He addressed the 41st Annual Convocation of the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) on the third day of his Gujarat visit today. In his address, the Union Home and Cooperation Minister said, “A District Mineral Fund has been created, which provides a huge amount for the development of mining in a district. The government has started the scheme called CAMPA Fund, which will make districts green.”

  • “Without rural development, the village cannot become a contributor to the national economy, and until this happens, 70 per cent of the country’s talent will be deprived of the benefits of economic development. Only 30 per cent of the population cannot contribute to speeding up economy development, because the load of the remaining 70 percent will stop that momentum.

“If we remain strong towards its purpose, then we have to do our own development, but after that, the time which is left should be spent for the development of others. If there is time left after that too, that time should be spent for the development of the country, and that is when the beauty of education will increase further,” he said.

Shah said that former President of India, the Late Dr Abdul Kalam had said that every person has a utility, and you can even get the best mind of this country only on the last bench of the class. That’s why no one needs to suffer with an inferiority complex, because a person is not big by birth but becomes big through thinking, he said.