The Dummy Money Making Handbook

The Dummy Money Making Handbook

Once John’s Goods is built, you can buy a Metal Detector for just under 7,000 Dinks. This will allow you to find hidden treasure under the ground. You’ll want to use some of these items to repair the four Tele-Towers on your island and you’ll also want to save some of these for Crafting some of the more advanced tools and machinery, but you can comfortably sell most of them in the early game. You may also discover Amber Chunks while digging; these can be sold at the scale at John’s Goods for tens of thousands of Dinks.

Your ultimate goal is to unlock the Mines. Once you do, you can take the elevator down and hunt for Rubies. Once you grab a Ruby, return to the elevator, drop it off, and continue your search. Any Rubies dropped in the elevator will remain there even if you faint in the mine.

Rubies are also sold at the scale in John’s Goods and they can fetch a pretty penny — I’ve personally observed sale prices ranging from 40,000-80,000 Dinks. You can easily get 2-4 Rubies in one day in the Mines, and that doesn’t include all of the other items you can dig up.

Story Highlights

  • You should begin by gathering seashells and catching bugs. Sell them to John, but concentrate on hastening the construction of his store.

  • An important note about the Metal Detector — do not sell Old Keys or Shiny Discs to John. Old Keys are used to open up Gates in the Mines and you’ll almost certainly get more value out of the items you find in there than you would by selling the Old Key. Shiny Discs, on the other hand, are sold to Franklyn for 8,800 Dinks each and they will also unlock more items he can build for you. You may also want to hold onto the rarer items (Green Board, Hot Cylinder, and Old Contraption) for other projects.