The finance committee recommends the approval of funds for Arbery memorial | Home News

  The finance committee recommends the approval of funds for Arbery memorial |  Home News

Also wrapped into the package is a reflection area dedicated to the memory of Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man who was murdered while jogging through the Satilla Shores neighborhood last year by three White men. A jury found Travis McMichael, his father Greg McMichael and neighbor William “Roddie” Brian guilty of the crime on Wednesday.

Booker, in a phone interview Wednesday, said he chose the park for the memorial because it was near where Arbery lived with his father.

Booker said he is working with several organizations and the Arbery family to design the memorial.

“He would go there all the time to clear his head and chill out,” he said.

Story Highlights

  • The memorial is part of an overall improvement project at the park estimated to cost $100,000 that includes new playground equipment, a new pavilion and handicap parking spaces.

  • County Commissioner Allen Booker said the improvements to the park and the Arbery memorial will be paid for with discretionary funding allotted to each commissioner for parks and recreation in their districts.

“We want it to be something respectful the family will feel good about and uplift the neighborhood,” he said. “I’ve been working with county staff to revitalize Arco in particular.”

Finance committee members also recommended:

• To reject three bids for a covered batting pavilion in North Glynn after all of them came in “considerably higher” than county officials anticipated. Committee members voted to recommend rejecting the bids, revising the scope of the project and advertising for new bids. • Declaring a 2,000-square-foot modular building surplus and advertising it for sale. The building was used by animal control.

• The purchase of three Ford Expeditions to replace three aging emergency response vehicles with more than 170,000 miles on them at the cost of $134,000. • The purchase of 10 Ford Explorer pursuit vehicles for $344,765.

• Approval of two grants for the Marshes of Glynn Library. A Georgia Public Library Service grant for $7,139 will be used to purchase new computers. An American Rescue Plan grant of $34,470 was also awarded to the library. • The acceptance of a $13,000 Department of Justice grant, which the county will match to replace bullet-proof vests to replace aging ones used by county police officers. The vests will have body cameras built into them to go along with the cameras already in every patrol car.

• Accepted the lone bid for electrical upgrades and repairs at Blythe Island Regional Park. The park’s advisory board wanted more bids, but they asked permission for approval of the project, estimated to cost $270,500.

• Glynn Haven Park to get $52,000 in improvements including new playground equipment. The Department of Justice also awarded the county a $19,000 grant to purchase supplies and equipment.