‘The first reason to help the community’

'The first reason to help the community'

Christmas Acres started with a few lights and holiday decorations but each year it continues to grow bigger and the crowds that come to see the display have also grown over the years.

The Scheitler Family recently started accepting donations, and all that money goes toward a great cause.

People from all across the Midwest also started donating their Christmas decorations to Christmas Acres, to make it even bigger.

“The number one reason is for charity. We support the Christian Needs Center in Le Mars and all the money that comes into that little donation box at the end of the driveway every penny goes towards Christian Needs,” said Scheitler.

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  • Rob and Joyce Scheitler have been spreading holiday cheer to the people of Siouxland for more than a quarter of a century. After building their home 25 years ago, the Scheitler family started “Christmas Acres” to spread holiday cheer to their community.

  • “We never dreamed of something like this being this big and now it is an Iowa attraction right here in Le Mars,” said Rob Scheitler, co-owner of Christmas Acres.

“A lot of this is all donated, we buy very little of what we have here except for our lights,” said Scheitler.

This year, Scheitler says they have between 200,000 to 250,000 different LED lights on display, and with that many lights, preparation for the season starts earlier and earlier each year.

“This is a full-time job anymore to keep this thing going, and we started hanging lights on Aug. 20 and every night I am out here changing light bulbs,” said Scheitler. There is one thing the Scheitler family hopes their visitors walk away with this holiday season.

“You know there are three letters in our driveway JOY and I guess when everyone leaves here we hope they leave with a smile on their face and joy in their heart,” said Scheitler. Copyright 2021 KTIV. All rights reserved.