The ITOE Fashion Home Online Expo will be held from Nov 15-19

The ITOE Fashion Home Online Expo will be held from Nov 15-19

The Expo this year expects to see many smart home products unveiled, such as multi-functional breakfast makers, smart coffee makers specially designed for young individuals and families in pursuit of a more refined life style; next-generation intelligent sterilization bathing systems, including a paperless 90-second fast-drying technology; next-generation smart home furnishings, including smart temperature control and lighting switches, reflecting current home improvement trends.

Exhibitors at the expo boast a number of proprietary brands. Many of them plan to launch their new lineup of innovative green home products, including KFIAQ Environment’s air cleaners and air disinfecting machines specially tailored for bedrooms and small spaces by using the next-generation AOP-KF® solid alkali biological cleaning technology. Moreover, many exhibitors are rolling out a variety of proprietary green and recycling products.

The exhibition organizers will launch more than 30 live-streaming and online communications events in a move to facilitate one-to-one communications and feedback in real time, vastly enhancing the ability of both exhibitors and visitors to genuinely participate and benefit from the expo. The online purchasing and marketing matching meeting is currently open for registration. All buyers of home products are welcome to contact the organizers and obtain information on high-quality suppliers that fit their needs.

Over 30 events: making sourcing easy for global buyers in China through an online platform

Story Highlights

  • Smart Home: a host of new products and patents

  • Green Home: new environmentally responsible products, new materials and original designs

SOURCE Guangdong Premium Products International Trade Online Expo