The local business at Sparks offers office space for rent

The local business at Sparks offers office space for rent

“We have a podcast studio,” said Lisa Slook, Co-Owner of The Ant Space. “We have meeting spaces. We have classes that we do for our members and different networking events throughout the year to bring the public in as well and just meet new people and inform new experiences and connections.”

“Covid taught us not to get too far ahead of ourselves,” said Slook, “but we do have a whole other building to grow into with totally different space. It has an atrium and things in there. It’s an amazing piece of property that we have here and in our whole campus.”

When first walking into the Ant Space, you’ll notice art all around the stair case and front desk. That’s because The Ant Space helps showcase and sell art by local artists.

They’re also starting a new, online community for members on Monday, January 17.

Story Highlights

  • The Ant Space, located on Prater Way, has everything needed to make up for an office. It’s ideal for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and people working remotely because of the pandemic.

  • The Ant Space opened up just weeks before the beginning of the pandemic and has grown a lot since then. Now they’re working on opening to the building for 24/7 access for members. They’re also working on opening a second building.

“We are actually looking for artists to grace our walls with their artwork and feature them during events throughout 2022. There’s no cost to those artists. We don’t take a commission for anything that they sell here.”

You can find more information about The Ant Space, including membership costs, hourly rates, and how you can showcase your art, here.

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