The local business is responding by rising covid prices

The local business is responding by rising covid prices

That task is getting harder for his restaurant now that Covid-19 numbers are rising, the rise coupled with low vaccination numbers are a concern for customers as well.

The recent jump is a reminder for many not to let their guard down, well over a year since the start of the pandemic.

“A lot of people won’t come to St. Joe because they’re afraid of the Covid breakout you know in this part of the country and stuff like that.”

The timing of the rise with the Kansas City Chief’s training camp set to start on July 28 only adds to the concern for some businesses.

Story Highlights

  • “That’s the main thing right now trying to make everybody comfortable,” He said.  “I’m telling ya that’s a hard thing to do.”

  • “We have so many people who are unvaccinated,” Marilyn Power, a customer said. “Just because I am doesn’t mean I’m not gonna get it.”

Power said it’s all pushed her to give mask wearing a second thought.

“I think more people are starting to cover up again,” She said.  “I think it’s a good thing.”