The National Air and Space Museum Will Temporarily Close March 2022 to Complete New Product Gallery | Smithsonian Voices

  The National Air and Space Museum Will Temporarily Close March 2022 to Complete New Product Gallery |  Smithsonian Voices


Artist rendering of Destination Moon exhibition.

The Destination Moon exhibition is our new take on the story of lunar exploration, including the robotic and crewed space programs that led up to humanity’s first steps on the lunar surface during the Apollo program. It will introduce new generations to how, when, and why humans dreamed—then did more than dream—of exploring that beautiful disk in the night sky. It will end with what’s next for in the exploration of our only natural satellite. Destination Moon will feature iconic artifacts from our unrivaled Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo collection, including the spacesuit and Mercury spacecraft used by Alan Shepard when he became the first American in space; the Gemini IV spacecraft from which Ed White took the first American spacewalk; and Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit and the command module Columbia from the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. Learn more.

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Story Highlights

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  • Destination Moon


Nation of Speed

Artist rendering of the Nation of Speed exhibition. Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum

The brand-new Nation of Speed will be unlike any exhibition you’ve seen at the National Air and Space Museum (race cars and motorcycles and airplanes, oh my!). Nation of Speed will recount humankind’s desire to become the fastest on land, sea, air, and space in the pursuit of commerce, power, and prestige. The gallery will feature iconic vehicles known for going fast, including the  Turner RT-14 Meteor and Sharp DR 80 Nemesis air racers, the Sonic Wind 1 rocket sled, Glenn Curtiss’s V-8 motorcycle, and Mario Andretti’s Indy 500 winning race car. Nation of Speed will be a portrait of human ingenuity — the technology developed to propel people faster and faster— and will explore how the pursuit of speed has shaped American culture and our national identity. Learn more.  

Thomas W. Haas We All Fly Artist rendering of Thomas W. Haas We All Fly exhibition.

  America by Air

The new Thomas W. Haas We All Fly gallery will celebrate general aviation by telling the story of its many aspects in the United States and how it affects the average visitor’s daily life. The gallery will cover diverse themes, including sport, private, business, humanitarian and utility flight. The exhibition will strive to inspire the next generation of pilots—a critical need given the current U.S. pilot shortage. It will also show the diversity of career opportunities available in general aviation, beyond jobs in the cockpit. Artifact highlights include many that will be new to display at the Museum in DC, including aerobatic pilot Sean Tucker’s Challenger III biplane, Geraldine Mock’s Cessna 180 Spirit of Columbus, and a Bell Model 47B helicopter. Learn more. Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum