The nets still have to pay Kyrie Irving a lot of money this season

The nets still have to pay Kyrie Irving a lot of money this season

However, Irving will still earn his salary for away games, Marks said. The All-Star guard, though, will not be paid for games missed in New York — 41 at Barclays Center and two at Madison Square Garden — due to New York’s COVID-19 mandate.

According to Netswire, that will come out to approximately $19 million.

Kyrie Irving during a playoff game against the CelticsGetty Images

Irving has been away from the Nets throughout training camp and preseason (with the exception of a recent outdoor practice) due to the local health and safety protocol — which requires players to have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

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  • On Tuesday, Brooklyn general manager Sean Marks said Irving will not play or practice with the Nets until eligible under New York’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

  • Brooklyn is unable to hold Irving’s pay for away games missed because the decision that he will not play was made by the team.

Marks said on Tuesday that Irving’s “choice” not to comply with New York’s vaccine mandate left the organization with “no choice” than to prohibit him from being a “part-time” member of the team.

Before the team’s decision, a recent development had determined Irving was able to practice at home when the city ruled HSS Training Center a private office instead of a gym.

Irving has yet to directly address the news.