The new Opelika Council was created to support a few business owners

The new Opelika Council was created to support a few business owners

“As I looked at our chamber membership, I saw that it didn’t quite look like our community as a whole,” says Rauch. “And I wanted to encourage our community to and help give minority business owners the resources that they need.”

The goal of the business council is to foster growth and networking opportunities for minority businesses through targeted programming and events, and to be a resource to minority business owners in the community.

“The Minority Business Council is, I think, a great step forward for the minority businesses in the Auburn-Opelika area, just around the Lee County area,” says Armistead. “I mean, it’s just a great step forward because, you know, a lot of business don’t have the tools and resources they need to operate at maximum capacity. And I think, you know, this could be the bridge to do that.”

Nicholas Armistead will serve as the council chairman, he explained what he thinks this council means to the Auburn community.

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  • Opelika Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ali Rauch says representation matters and she wants to make the chamber reflect the community it serves.

  • Bill Clinton hospitalized in California, spokesperson says

The members of the council have been selected but no events have been planned as of yet.