The new workplace seeks to transform South Bend into a central business hub

The new workplace seeks to transform South Bend into a central business hub

“We started out with a vision just to heal our community,” Hopkins said. “I wanted to make sure that we economically stabilize our community. I’m a financial girl and I love finances and I just seen there was this disconnect.”

“A strong community means strong finances, means strong family, strong businesses,” she said. “It’s a true ecosystem where our children, and not only our children but our elderly and everyone in between, can strive.”

She wants the two-level workspace to be South Bend’s central hub of business.

Swella’s Ville Office Studios and Suites has fifteen private offices, a state-of-the-art boardroom, and a waiting room.

Story Highlights

  • Since 2008, it’s been a dream of the South Bend native to create a space where entrepreneurs can come conduct professional business.

  • Hopkins says she grew up with many mentors, including her grandmother, who taught her the value of community.

“If there’s fifteen businesses here,” she said. “That’s a great ecosystem where people can really come together, circulate their income, just in this building. Then, hopefully in the community.”

Hopkins believes this is destiny.

“I’m not afraid to walk in my calling,” she said. “And I know I was called to heal and to help, and that’s what I want to do.” Swella’s Ville Office Studios & Suites is currently leasing to tenants. You can learn more information by clicking here.

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