The Real Reason Teven Jenkins Went MIA Finally Revealed


I often find myself in situations like this when teams change coaching staff. Players heavily drafted under the previous regime will find themselves in the kennel of the next regime.A perfect example is wide receiver Denzel Mims. He looked like the future focus of his Jets offense in New York in 2020. Then the coaching staff was laid off in his second year, and he got very little playing time the following year. maturation problem.

Having talent is important for him to succeed in the NFL, but it takes more than that. We also need mental stability. You have to face the ups and downs of this game. Jenkins doesn’t seem ready for the challenges Morgan and the other trainers bring to the table. Eberflus said there are higher standards. It wasn’t easy. Some players may not like it. The 24-year-old may have figured out what that meant.

Draft status does not guarantee him anything.

One thing is clear. Teven Jenkins better get out of this funk right away. The longer it takes for him to return to the pitch, the less likely he is to actually play football in 2022. Veteran Riley Reiff is already the starting favorite in the duel on the left, with Larry Bolom currently making the most starts on the right. If that door were to close as well, only the Right Guard would remain, with newcomer Michael Scofield having far more experience at this point.

Story Highlights

  • He hears that Jenkins’ health is not a problem at all. It’s a matter of maturity. He’s at odds with the coaching staff, especially offensive coach Chris Morgan. It’s unclear how this all started, but it would explain the strange relegation that Jenkins returned OTA when he suddenly switched from right tackle to backup.

  • Teven Jenkins must embrace the new reality quickly.

Jenkins should make his way to the field. If he’s grumpy about how he’s being treated under his new coach, that’s unacceptable. The kid is very gifted with strength and athleticism. He has legitimate Pro Bowl potential. It’s a tragedy to see it melt away on something like that.