The rock was thrown out of the front window of the automotive sports business

How To Determine Your Computer Or Phone It's been stolen

Two of the suspects wore black T-shirts and dark pants while the third suspect wore a white T-shirt.

Sheriff’s deputies are investigating a former employee of the American Heating & Cooling business in Monroe Township who received fraudulent checks totaling about $4,000 this year.

Student causes disturbance on bus

According to a deputy’s report, the employee deposited a payroll check electronically from his phone in June. Since then, other duplicate checks from the company were deposited and the business suffered losses totaling about $4,000. The employee worked for the company for one year before resigning, the report said.

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  • The break-in occurred about 5 a.m. when someone threw a rock through the window, breaking glass and activating an alarm at the business located at 1090 S. Telegraph Rd., according to a deputy’s report. The offender then reached through the hole above the door handle and unlocked the door. A surveillance camera showed two unidentified males walk into the store and then turned around and ran north from the venue. A third suspect stayed outside. Nothing appeared to be missing from the store, the report said.

  • Business reports check fraud

An 11th grader at Jefferson High School may be facing a suspension after she caused a disturbance on a bus Wednesday afternoon.

About 2:30 p.m., a deputy responded to the bus on a complaint of a female causing trouble and believed to be vaping on school property off Williams Rd. When confronted by the school principal, the 16-year-old student began to yell, refused to empty her pockets and made threats about taking the bus home. The school contacted her parents and both her mother and stepfather came to the school. The student eventually rode home with her stepfather on his motorcycle, a deputy’s report said.

Ethnic intimidation of Ida Township man probed A 48-year-old Ida Township man reported someone left a racist comment on his 2008 Cadillac CTS that was parked at his home recently.

The man told deputies Wednesday that someone used their finger to write the comment in the early morning dew on the vehicle. The man also said his vehicles have been damaged in the past by unknown offenders.