The squid Game battle royale will revive the stagnant species

The squid Game battle royale will revive the stagnant species

There are even whispers of a virtual version to please future gamers, with real-life events based on the title’s deadly games planned to take place all around the world (violence omitted, of course).

Imagine a BR build of six different rounds. The first could be a stealth game, where you have to avoid the lifeless eyes of that terrifying Red Light Green Light doll. The second, a puzzle game akin to the ones you find in Portal or Resident Evil. The third is a timed search for loot, MMORPG style – the list goes on.

In a Squid Game BR, the possibilities are literally endless – and that’s something gamers of every genre can get excited about.

A Squid Game BR could easily pivot away from the shooter genre but still maintain the feel of a fight to the death. Of course, you could always have an FPS level, where players group up in squads and eliminate each other: but there’s one thing I want to hammer home here.

Story Highlights

  • You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the massive buzz about the series, whether it’s from your friends down the pub, your coworkers, or, in my case, my mother, who has no idea what a “Squid Game” is.

  • f there’s one thing I truly believe, it’s that variety is the spice of life. Every game in Squid Game is designed to test a different attribute of the human psyche. From strength to intelligence, morality to brutality, Gi-hun, and his unfortunate squad have everything and the kitchen sink thrown at them – maybe a literal one will get tossed at them in season 2.

We know what you’re thinking, though – that sounds an awful lot like a pretty messed up Fall Guys. And in many ways, you’d be right. Mediatonic’s game show format of randomized rounds is great, offering battle royale tension wrapped up in a cuddly platformer. Still, the potential of a Squid Game title’s sheer mechanical diversity means that anything goes – it’s not limited to one set of platforming controls and a loose physics system.