The Study Indicates High Output Values ​​Between Data Science

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Findings: Programming Proficiency, Rapid Turnover

Perhaps the most interesting findings, however, pertain to work experience and the profession’s surprisingly high turnover rate. The typical data scientist, the study concluded, works for a large tech firm – where they have been employed for roughly one year with an average of 6.2 years of prior experience in the field. Notably, they have switched companies twice (or more) since 2017 and will likely remain with their current employer for a mere 1.7 years on average. Only a tiny minority of those surveyed (2%) had not changed jobs within the last five years.

Training the World’s Data-Science Professionals

“In an environment with such a high turnover rate, where companies must frequently train new personnel, online courses like those offered by 365 Data Science can be an invaluable tool for employee upskilling,” Ned Krastev explains.

Story Highlights

  • In order to minimize geographical bias, the study was based on the profiles of data science professionals from the US (35%), the UK (25%), the EU (25%), and India (15%).

  • Conducted on an annual basis, this year’s study revealed several notable trends. For example, most of today’s data professionals are men (82%) with proficiency in the Python and SQL programming languages (85% and 82% respectively). A slim majority (56%) hold a Master’s Degree.

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