The team makes bags with CFP heroism symbols

The team makes bags with CFP heroism symbols

They are calling it the Green Project. It’s a $100,000 sustainability initiative that includes working with partners like Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB). KIB will create a community orchard, vegetable boxes, and a composting infrastructure for the far east side. The initiative also has extensive plans to enhance recycling. Part of this project will send vinyl and mesh championship signage to a company called People for Urban Progress (PUP). The organization turns old materials into fashion items such as hand bags and backpacks.

They began the non-profit after the RCA Dome was taken down. They started turning the roof into products. PUP recently finished a line of bags from the NCAA March Madness tournament signage.

PUP is still waiting to receive the materials from the national championship. Their other items are for sale on their website and at Silver in the City.

“We are glad that the life of the banner can still live on,” said Dabney. “Just because something is used does not mean it is unusable.”

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  • “We are able to take these banners and repurpose them in such a way that you can carry or walk around with that experience,” said Turae Dabney, PUP Executive Director. “So there are different types of banners. There is a vinyl banner, and then there are the mesh banners. Depending on the type of material, depends on the type of product we would make.”

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