The Vollebak Mars gear is a fashion statement that is equally enjoyable on Earth

The Vollebak Mars gear is a fashion statement that is equally enjoyable on Earth

The Mars gear

Vollebak reckons itself as the creator of “clothes for the future,” which the startup has proven since its inception in 2015, and this outfit for space built from a ballistic nylon outer shell only vouches for that claim. Available in cream or gray colors, the Mars gear is included with anti-gravity pockets to counter the shifting gravitational fields.

Understanding the discomfort that humans may experience in their interplanetary voyage, when that happens, Vollebak has included a cleanable vomit pocket in the gear. The Mars jacket and pants is envisioned to overcome and facilitate the wearer in all possible challenges they’ll come by when working on the red planet or back here on Earth, until the former is a possibility.

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Story Highlights

  • The startup co-founded by twins, Nick and Steve Tidball, Vollebak has been pushing the boundaries of fashion with future-forward designs like the ‘deep sleep cocoon’ – a jacket designed to improve the sleep cycle of astronauts. Now, as humans’ vision to colonize Mars, the innovative brand drops a jacket and a pair of pants made for life on the red planet. 

  • Designed primarily for the future when engineers, pilots, scientists and architects will “need to gear up in space,” the intergalactic jacket and pants can obviously be worn back on Earth as well.

Conceived with the vision of what the future will demand, the Vollebak Mars suit is available for Earthling through the brand’s website.