There are three main reasons why Android does not work well Apple (Promoted)

There are three main reasons why Android does not work well Apple (Promoted)

The deeper you look into it, the tougher it becomes to make a solid, unbiased decision, since both these companies are at the pinnacle of smartphone technology right now, and they seem to outgrow any possible tertiary competition that might potentially rise up to their level at some point or another. In this article, we will see some of the advantages that Android has over Apple, and maybe this will help you conclude on whether you should go for an Android or an iPhone, as the next addition to your smartphone collection.

If you compare the prices of the latest released smartphones from the Android and Apple lines, you’ll find that the latest High-End Android devices are always relatively cheaper. To give you a more vague idea, the highest end version of the latest Samsung Galaxy S22+ with 1TB storage is sold for around $1,400, while the highest end 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max is going for a bit over $1,700. The iPhone Camera might be popular for its high vibrance, sharpness, and large low-light sensor, but that doesn’t mean it’s better than its Samsung Counterparts. Samsung have gone all out on the camera production for their latest phones and have improved a range of features, including; improved edge detection, higher megapixels, more camera filter options, and more! The best Mobile camera on the market right now is undoubtedly the one that comes with the S22 Ultra, and we’re likely to see its competitors coming up soon from upcoming companies like Huawei and Xiaomi.

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Story Highlights

  • The age-old, never-ending fight over smartphones is one that will almost certainly continue until one of these two corporations dies. Which is the superior option? Which is better, Android or Apple? The truth is that there will always be an ongoing competition between the two big smartphone manufacturers, whether it’s over who comes up with the most inventive developments, who steals the most ideas from the other, or who is just the most convenient for the user.

  • If you were to compare the sources where one can download applications and games onto their smartphones (a.k.a the Google Play Store & Apple App Store,) you would be surprised to see the level of inflation implemented by Apple to the apps on their store. Most paid applications on Android can cost up to double the price to download on an iPhone, and that’s not the end of it – You’ll also find a big load of free-to-play games on Android which you would have to pay for on Apple, which for Apple users, kinda sucks. Another key feature in the Play Store that beats Apple is the app variety available, having more than twice as many apps as there are for Apple users. This also means that you’re much more likely to find your favourite online sports betting app on Android, rather than on an iPhone.