ThinOptics Welcome Investors to their new StartEngine Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

ThinOptics Welcome Investors to their new StartEngine Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Today, a full product range of ThinOptics reading glasses is available primarily on and Amazon, as well as some of the larger stores such as Walmart and Best Buy—all of which have received five-star ratings. ThinOptics has created a scalable direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand with eCommerce on both their own website and Amazon.

With attractive price points, availability in 127 countries, and a portfolio of patents (12 already awarded; 14 more on the way), ThinOptics stands head and shoulders above typical equity crowdfunding campaigns. That’s because usual offerings are ordinarily made by pre-revenue businesses that can only forecast what sales might be at some future date with no certainty to back up the assertions and no clear path forward.

Worldwide, millions of people struggle to see clearly while engaged in day-to-day activities and ThinOptics is poised to meet this surging consumer demand. The corrective eyewear market is measured in the billions and ThinOptics has a clear path to meet growing market demand with a diverse product line that fits customers’ every need.

Story Highlights

  • ThinOptics began with a simple concept: to design thin, comfortable reading glasses that could be worn on the back of a phone. The concept is brilliant: if everyone brings their phone with them wherever they go, shouldn’t something as important as reading glasses accompany them? The concept was deceptively easy, but putting it into action proved difficult. It was made possible by ThinOptics.

  • Furthermore, as one of Amazon’s top sellers of branded reading glasses, their brand recognition is rising by the day. Taking advantage of their success, the firm is stepping up their game and encouraging investors to join a winning team.