This is the most popular PlayStation Games of 2021

This is the most popular PlayStation Games of 2021

To recap this period, PlayStation Blog recently posted a list of the most downloaded games of 2021. Download stats are based on user activity on PS5 and PS4 in the U. S.-Canada and Europe regions. The source also dropped 2021’s top-10 most downloaded PSVR titles for these regions. Topping the U.S.-Canada market list, GTA V performed amazingly well for a game that came way back in 2014. Meanwhile, FIFA 22 maintained its grip on the first position in Europe despite the change in platform.

Story Highlights

  • 2021 was a year of huge announcements for PlayStation, including some exciting new projects. God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, and Spider-Man 2 were among the key titles shown off to fans. It was also the first year of Sony’s latest console, the PS5life ,’s cycle. It was jam-packed with incredible games, including first-party exclusives like Returnal and third-party blockbusters like Deathloop.