Time to follow the science, support the authority of vaccination


It still defies reason that vaccinations and masks have become so politicized.

These rules are enacted to protect us. Florida continues to have among the lowest rates of vaccination in the country. Unfortunately, there is a correlation between the political party of the state governor and the vaccination rate in that state. 

Carolyn S. Zisser, Esq., Atlantic Beach 

Depoliticize this issue and respect the established medical opinions, including those from our own national Center for Disease Control (CDC). Support the vaccination mandate; tell our governor and legislators to follow the science. 

Story Highlights

  • Everyone in a medical facility, whether as patient or worker, must have the confidence that those individuals who must be physically close to them have been vaccinated and have taken all necessary precautions to avoid this disease. No one has balked at other traditional vaccinations, such as smallpox, measles, rubella etc. 

  • Nowhere is this more clearly evidenced than with the article in the Florida Times-Union dated Nov. 5, titled “Florida hospitals face new mandate,” where it is announced that “Gov. Ron DeSantis … is suing to block the rules … and “has called a special legislative session to address them Nov. 15-19.” 

USPS should trim delivery schedule 

Many people are unaware of the difference between the USPS today and the previous Post Office Department. For nearly 200 years, it was just another federal agency like the IRS, Social Security, Armed Forces and others.  

These days, most people do not use the mail service, preferring to communicate using their computer. This way whatever is requested is done immediately, without the purchase of stamps.   It is difficult to understand why mail is still delivered six days a week. Considerable savings would be immediate by reducing deliveries to five days a week. 

Jim De Palma, Jacksonville