‘Transfer tickets or return my money,’ some said, warning of possible music fraud

'Transfer tickets or return my money,' some said, warning of possible music fraud

Jamie Letender stated, “I messaged them and said, ‘Hey, I’m interested in buying your Morgan Wallen tickets.’” “They told me they’re selling it for $150 each, which is a bargain compared to the prices on Ticketmaster. They’re currently in the $300s. ‘Yeah, I’m in,’ I replied.”

She said after that, the user asked for an additional $300 and she would give four tickets total in exchange.

Letender said hours had gone by before the user messaged back asking for an additional $100. At that point, Letender said she requested her money back, or the tickets, and got neither.

“She was like, ‘OK it goes through my husband’s Zelle account so I need to confirm with him that he got the money and he’s at work so I’ll get back to you in a little bit.’ I was a little sketched out at that point, but I was like OK.”

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  • Both said a user claimed they had Morgan Wallen concert tickets to sell for the country singer’s impending appearance in Burgettstown next month in a Facebook group that advertises Pittsburgh activities, concerts, and festivals.

  • Letender said she then sent $300 for two tickets over to the Facebook user through her PNC app using the ‘Zelle’ function, which transfers money directly into another account.

“If you go into the Facebook group there’s post after post that say they’re selling Morgan Wallen tickets now, I’m wary they’re all scam,” Letender said.

Letender said she posted in the Facebook group after realizing what had happened, and warned people of a possible scam.

“I saw (Jamie Letender’s) post on there and I commented on it and said, ‘hey I got scammed too,’” said another person, who wishes to remain anonymous. That person, too, said they transferred money through Zelle to the same Facebook user and never received tickets or a refund.

Allegheny County Police Department urges the public to use caution when attempting to buy something online from another user. “My recommendation would be definitely don’t wire any money. If you are going to send money, do it through your credit card,” said Det. Corinne Orchowski. “With credit card companies, you are able to dispute the charges. Credit card companies offer protections for scams like this.”

Orchowski added that if you chose to meet someone in person, don’t do it alone and ensure the meeting place is a public one: “If you are to meet somebody in person, definitely take a person with you, do not meet in a place that’s not public, somewhere that is low traffic. You can also recommend to meet at a police station as well.”

“We do not comment on customer matters. Instead, I would direct you to this link where we provide customers safety tips for sending money with Zelle. I hope this is helpful,” a spokesperson for PNC said in a statement. Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 reached out to PNC Bank for comment: