Trump chief of staff will focus on election fraud case January 6

Trump chief of staff will focus on election fraud case January 6

After an explosive first hearing last week in prime time, leaders of the committee are aiming to keep up a steady stream of revelations about the magnitude of Trump’s plot to overturn the election and how it sowed the seeds of the violent siege of the Capitol by his supporters last year.

A committee aide said the panel would focus in particular on Trump’s decision on election night to declare victory even though he had been told he did not have the numbers to win.

According to an internal memo made public as part of a court case, the Trump campaign knew as early as November that its outlandish fraud claims were false. Last week, the panel showed videotaped testimony of his top advisers and the attorney general at the time, Bill Barr, saying they had told Trump and top White House officials as much.

A second panel of witnesses will include Byung J. Pak, a former U.S. attorney in Atlanta who resigned abruptly after refusing to say that widespread voter fraud had been found in Georgia.

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  • The committee intends to call Bill Stepien, Trump’s final campaign chairman, who will be questioned about what the campaign and the former president knew about his false claims of widespread election fraud. The second of a series of hearings the panel is holding this month to discuss the conclusions of its vast probe will focus on those claims.

  • On Monday, they plan to describe the origin and spread of Trump’s election lies, including the former president’s refusal to listen to advisers who told him that he had lost and that there was no evidence of widespread irregularities that could change the outcome. Then they plan on demonstrating the chaos those falsehoods caused throughout several states, ultimately resulting in the riot.

Stepien was present for key conversations about what the data showed about Trump’s chances of succeeding in an effort to win swing states, beginning on election night. He was part of a meeting with Trump on Nov. 7, 2020, just after the election had been called by television networks in favor of President Joe Biden, in which he told Trump of the exceedingly low odds of success with his challenges.