Trust notes mark Infant Health Awareness Week: Bolton NHS


By marking the week, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust hopes to make people in the borough aware about what help is available for infants.

“Supporting infant mental health and early relationships can have a positive impact on our children’s lifelong wellbeing, mental and physical health.”

The idea was initiated by the First 1001 Days Movement, which believes that focusing on babies in particular helps to ensure that people will go on the have better mental health throughout the rest of their lives.

The week runs until Sunday, June 19 and is observed by NHS trusts around the country.

Story Highlights

  • Infant Mental Health Awareness Week aims to support people from the earliest possible age, making sure they get the best start when it comes to lifelong mental wellbeing.

  • A statement said: “Today marks the start of Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2022.

A statement from the campaign group said: “Because the first 1001 days are a period of rapid development, early experiences affect not only babies’ emotional wellbeing now but also influences how their bodies and brains develop.”