Two Arrested For Taking Suspected News, Sports, Jobs

 Two Arrested For Taking Suspected News, Sports, Jobs

Around 4:10 p.m. Saturday, Wheeling police responded to a reported kidnapping on Frazier Run Road. At the residence, police say they found a wooden chair in the basement with zip ties lying beside it. A search warrant later turned up a gallon jug of water along with the chair. The basement was searched when police say they heard someone inside, while being told no one was home.

The woman gave police a detailed account of the time the two had allegedly kept her detained, saying that Supanik tilted her backwards in the chair while Salonica put a rag over her face and dumped water on her, giving her the sensation of drowning. The woman said she was left alone for about an hour, during which time she was able to get free and write a note on a notecard.

Salonica and Supanik are both being held without bond at the Northern Regional Jail. A preliminary hearing with Magistrate Patricia Murphy has not yet been set.

Story Highlights

  • Two men sit in jail without bond on a charge of kidnapping after a woman escaped their basement where she had allegedly been tied to a chair and waterboarded.

  • The alleged victim told police she had come to the house around 4:30 p.m. the day prior and had been struck in the face by Tucker Salonica, 23 of 604 Frazier Run Road. Salonica allegedly grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into the basement, zip tying her feet and hands to the chair while screaming at her. She said Josh Supanik, 26 of the same address, came to the basement and explained that they were going to waterboard her, and that he told her “it could be worse.”

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