Until you get an update on iPhone and Apple ICarPlay

Until you get an update on iPhone and Apple ICarPlay

The iPhone and Apple CarPlay version of Google-owned Waze has just received a software update.

The changelog, posted to the iOS App Store listing for Waze, states how version 7.4 fixes a bug to ensure photos are cropped correctly when users add them to a specific place. Waze also states that “saving time and avoiding traffic is even easier with this update”.

All these goodies make Waze such a valuable tool for the modern driver out there, and every single update released by the parent company is supposed to make the app even more polished regardless of the platform.

And at the same time, Waze allows users to report what they find on the road, therefore letting others know in advance that they may be approaching a vehicle stopped on the road, fog, flood, or roadkill.

Story Highlights

  • Waze is currently one of the most popular navigation solutions out there, simply because it helps beat the crazy traffic in some regions in a way that almost no other app does. Using crowdsourcing, Waze can calculate new routes that avoid slowdowns typically caused by traffic jams, speed traps, accidents, and other road events.

  • But, short of rolling out any major new features, the update to version 7.4 is little more than a bug fix, albeit a welcome one all the same.

But as it turns out, the update to version 4.78 on iPhone and CarPlay isn’t necessarily good news, or at least, not for everybody. Now available in the App Store, this new version comes with just a generic changelog, which in theory means that Waze focused mostly on improving the general performance and dealing with a bug or two under the hood.

In my case, however, the update to this version brought back a glitch that has already been resolved a couple of months ago.

After installing version 4.78 on my iPhone, Waze no longer displays the speedometer and the current speed limit correctly, as the indicator is partially outside the screen, as you can easily see in the screenshot here. Furthermore, the app also seems to struggle when it comes to determining my location much more than before, though this happens only occasionally, and it could all be caused by a spotty GPS signal on my phone.

However, the speed limit indicator problem has clearly returned, and the only way to fix it manually is to force-close Waze on the iPhone to reboot the app on CarPlay. Such updates really are needed for Waze if it is to pose a true threat to Google Maps and Apple Maps. users have reported over recent months of audio errors and a loss of GPS signal. AutoEvolution gives further examples of how Waze can sometimes fail to show maps correctly, with missing streets and point-of-interest information.

These bugs are often fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting the smartphone with the car’s USB port, but we hope to see a more permanent fix via a Waze software update soon.