Update to Android 12 Beta 3.1 – Is It Here to Fix Bugs?

Update to Android 12 Beta 3.1 - Is It Here to Fix Bugs?

Unfortunately, there were also stability issues with this version, making it difficult for users to appreciate these features. Many users have been quite frustrated by these issues and bugs. Some of the most widely reported serious problems were that the System UI would crash randomly, apps were getting killed in the background, and even a boot loop would occur on different occasions when restarting the phone.

This update means that those Android users that love living right on the edge of the latest technology can now get the Android 12 beta installed without having to endure these crashes and bugs – if they have a supported device. Unfortunately, this update hasn’t eliminated all of the bugs. It’s just taken care of these serious ones and a handful of others. You can track these issues and bugs on Google’s official issue tracker page.

It would appear with every new beta version or update of Android 12; there are few and fewer new features and more of a focus on refining the user experience. We can’t really fault Google for that, especially if it means that issues like the above bugs get squashed in the process.

If you’d rather wait for a more stable release with fewer issues, Android 12’s beta 4 is scheduled to release sometime in mid-August. This launch is expected to be more stability-focused rather than introducing new features. It’s all in preparation for the official launch of the operating system, hopefully in early September.

Story Highlights

  • We were all waiting with bated breath when earlier in the month we were introduced to the latest beta version of Android 12. This release brought along a whole bunch of new features that we were excited about. These tools included rolling screenshots, face-detect auto-rotate, Material You theming options, one-handed mode tweaks, internet toggle tweaks, and many more.

  • Yesterday, an update was released. However, this update contained no additional features, which some find to be a letdown. It was small, only 738kB, and it does resolve the above-mentioned serious issues. And we know many users are thankful for that.