Rains partnered with Leah Caruso, a Marketing and Experiential expert who takes an athletic approach to the business and who has also had her own experience with standard issue hospital garb.

Producing masks in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic served as a proof of concept for The Upswing. Fashionable masks of all colors, sizes and prints took over the market which proved the need to reinvent medically focused, mandatory accessories.

The Upswing launched in June 2021 and sells both direct to consumer and wholesale to the medical community.

“Masks validated our business plan in the most unfortunate of circumstances,” Caruso added. “Having a really cool mask made having to wear them just a little bit better for all of us. Now, we want to expand that idea into other items and make getting better, better.”

Story Highlights

  • “After my surgery, I walked out of my doctor’s office and looked down to see this ugly, plain, white cast on my arm,” said Rains, whose professional background is in fashion design and product development. “Knowing I had to be in it for several weeks, I decided to create something that wouldn’t make me feel awful every time I looked at it.” Using her artistic skills, Rains created an illustration that included bones and flowers, taking an ironic approach to her broken bones. “Once it was done, I felt so much better about wearing a cast. Then, the reaction I got from perfect strangers only validated my idea. I figured if it affected me so positively, that this was something that should be introduced to the marketplace.”

  • “I am a volleyball player and have had two rotator cuff surgeries. Walking around with the sling the hospital gave me was the only solution available and I hated it. I felt like a patient when I was out in public,” Caruso said. “Now, when people wear something from The Upswing, the reaction they will get won’t be injury-focused. It will be all about this cool accessory that fits in with the look you spent time curating, similar to a great hat or a statement necklace.”

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Related Images Image 1: The Upswing Arm Cast Cover

Featuring an original print designed by The Upswing. All of The Upswing cast covers are proudly Made in the USA. Image 2: Leah Caruso + Melody Rains

Featuring an original print designed by The Upswing. All of The Upswing cast covers are proudly Made in the USA. Image 4: The Upswing Dino Bonez Youth Arm Sling

Image 3: The Upswing Watercolor Camouflage Leg Cast Cover Co-Founders + Creators of The Upswing