Urban science and bird science – Great Ideas

Urban science and bird science - Great Ideas

And also to befriend the humans who feed them.

For the birds recorded 28 October 2021 Sydney Ideas

Associate Professor Kurt Iveson -moderator-  urban geographer University of Sydney.


Story Highlights

  • Lorikeets, powerful owls, cockatoos , brush turkeys and white ibis are just some of the birds who’ve learned to live in the suburbs.

  • Our understanding of urban birds is greatly enhanced by the citizen scientists who observe and record their numbers and behaviour in backyards and neighbourhoods.

Dr John Martin – research scientist Taronga Institute of Science and Learning

Dr Holly Parsons – Bird Life Australia

Professor David Phalen – Sydney Vet School Dr Lucy Aplin- Max Planck Institute for Animal Behaviour

Professor Dieter Hochuli – ecologist University of Sydney