Vertigo Games Announces Two New VR Games And New Offline Music Pack

Vertigo Games Announces Two New VR Games And New Offline Music Pack

Unplugged Gets Heavier and More Exciting. Unplugged is a popular VR game among music fans. They can become one of the band, pick up their air guitar, and show off their skills – to friends or simply for their own enjoyment. The game offers a fully immersive experience, as the player joins their favorite band on the stage and performs before an excited audience. Unplugged’s publisher, Vertigo Games, and the game’s developer, Anotherway, continually add new bands and tracks, to attract players who enjoy a wide range of music genres.

Available on Meta Quest and PC VR, the downloadable Pantera Pack consists of four Pantera classics, including “Cowboys from Gell,” “Becoming,”, “Cemetery gates,” and “I’m Broken.” New VR Games for Different Types of Audiences. Apart from the new Pantera Pack for Unplugged, Vertigo Games also announced two brand new VR games last week. The first game, PathCraft, developed by solo developer Daniel Yu, aka DevilCow, is a colorful and enjoyable labyrinth game. The player will guide a companion to navigate various levels, collecting cubes along the way and arranging them in new positions to create paths.

The player will go through the underworld, in an action-packed dystopian world where danger or opportunity awaits them at each corner. During the game, the player must master various weapons and develop their magical skills. Currently in early access, the game will be released in Q4 2022 and it will be available on Meta Quest 2 and PC VR.

The game allows the players to customize their characters with various outfits, making it an enjoyable playing experience for children and adults alike. The second of the two new VR games is geared towards an adult audience and is the result of a partnership with an indie studio from Singapore, Mixed Realms. Hellsweeper VR is a rogue-like first-person combat game, which transforms the player into an undead immortal. VR game Vertigo Games – Hellsweeper VR

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  • Vertigo Games, a virtual reality publisher and developer, launched two new VR games and an upgrade for its VR music game Unplugged last week. Metal music aficionados now have a chance to explore Vertigo Games’ VR game Unplugged. The Pantera Pack update for the game, which includes some of the classic metal band’s most popular tracks, has been released, according to the developer and publisher. During the Upload VR Showcase event, Vertigo Games unveiled two new VR games and displayed trailers for both.

  • See Also: Air Guitar VR Game Unplugged Gets First “Riff Pack” With Tracks From Slayer, Gossip, Muse, and Rob Zombie. This time, two companies prepared a special treat for all metal fans. One of the most iconic bands in heavy metal music history, Pantera, will now feature among the tracks available to players. This is the loudest pack of the game so far, and it will give fans a lot of opportunities to work out and show their skills as super guitar players.