Vintage Nintendo Games downloads $ 30K for Goodwill Keystone Area

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A worker with Goodwill Keystone Area’s Hanover store found video games among the donated items.

With a box full of old Nintendo cartridges in his arms, Nichole Garcia’s co-worker asked what he should do with them.

The prices of each game ranged from $15 to $20.

“And I said, send it to Shop Goodwill because they were still sealed and had the price tags still on it,” Garcia said.

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  • HANOVER, Pa. —

  • They weren’t just any video games, and they fetched a record-breaking price.

“You can’t even get a video game for that cheap now unless it’s used,” Garcia said.

But sometimes the old can have more value than the new. After posting the collection of 27 games on Goodwill’s online auction, the response was all the proof Garcia needed.

The starting bid was $10. One week and 143 bids later, the games sold for $30,002. “I was just hoping that it wasn’t a fake, that it was real,” Garcia said.

The identity of the donor is still a mystery. “Wish you knew what you were donating so that you could have maybe gotten it because you might be in hard times yourself,” Garcia said.

The cartridge package is the highest selling item of any merchandise that Goodwill Keystone Area has put up for auction.