Wales’ aerospace industry will “transform” the economy

Wales' aerospace industry will

“The Welsh Government is determined to help promote the industries of the future, which will help create the new high-quality employment our young people need to make their futures here in Wales,” Vaughan Gething said during a tour of local businesses participating in the industry.

He added: “The space sector is growing year-on-year. That is why we are determined to ensure Wales is at the forefront of this rapidly growing industry – and I am delighted to see how quickly the industry here in Wales is growing. Thanks to Welsh Government support, we have been able to support some truly stellar start-ups in the space sector to reach new heights.”

The concept could reduce the impact of launches on the environment from rocket fuel and other propellants.

The minister began his tour at Newport-based B2Space, which is developing a Rockoon launcher for small satellites.

Story Highlights

  • Wales has a rapidly expanding space ecosystem, and the Welsh Government has unveiled a new Space Strategy with the goal of strengthening the economy and fostering prosperity.

  • “The space sector provides exciting opportunities for the next generation of engineers, scientists, technologists, and mathematicians. These are the jobs that will help transform our economy, helping to deliver the long-term economic prosperity our country needs to have a successful future.”

He also visited Space Forge in Cardiff, which is aiming to create the world’s first returnable and reusable satellite platform. It will launch its first test satellite from the UK later this year, with the first ForgeStar expected to launch in 2023.

Gething also visited SmallSpark Space Systems in Cardiff, which was founded by a former Cardiff University student and is focused on further developing hybrid rocket motor technology to significantly reduce the cost of access to low earth orbit for dedicated small launch vehicles.