‘We’re doing our best,’ says WNY hospitals during Covid surgery, weight loss | Local Business

  'We're doing our best,' says WNY hospitals during Covid surgery, weight loss |  Local Business

Yet another surge of Covid-19 cases in Western New York is straining hospital resources and forcing an exhausted health care workforce back on its heels, drying up bed capacity across the region and leaving officials concerned heading into the holiday season.

Health Department data shows ECMC has been at capacity throughout most of November, including Tuesday when all 551 of its staffed hospital beds were occupied. That day, 39 of the hospital’s 48 staffed intensive care unit beds were taken.

Cutler said the medical center’s inpatient census was lower on Wednesday, at 510. 

“We’re very full and we continue to be very full and we’re doing everything we can to take care of the patients who come to us for care,” said Cutler, urging those with mild symptoms to consult with their primary care doctors or visit an urgent care center to relieve stress on ECMC’s emergency department, where 20% of patients are leaving without being seen.

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  • Same story, different day for ECMC, which hasn’t performed inpatient elective surgeries since September, spokesperson Peter Cutler said, noting the medical center has only done outpatient or emergency surgeries. 

But the number of those hospitalized with Covid-19 has increased: Cutler said ECMC had 60 Covid-19 patients in the hospital Wednesday, up from 30 one week earlier.