What Happened To AirPods 3 & Are The Earbuds of Apple Are You Still Coming?

What Happened To AirPods 3 & Are The Earbuds of Apple Are You Still Coming?

Heck, even the new iPad came out of the blue. New AirPods are still nowhere to be seen. But Apple will eventually launch the AirPods 3.

In contrast to previous years, a few of the Apple event surprises revolved around what wasn’t seen, at least not yet.

The iPhone received big changes internally, however, with all three rear cameras seeing better specifications and the displays improving with brighter screens and adaptive 120 hertz refresh rates on the Pro models. The iPad mini had its biggest update ever, sporting a new flat-edged design that makes it look like a smaller iPad Air.

Apple’s September event featured the iPhone 13 in the same sizes and having the same shape as the 2020 models.

Story Highlights

  • Nearly every rumour for a long time has pointed out the launch of the next generation of AirPods alongside the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7. But Apple disappointed everyone by not launching the AirPods 3. The new iPhone came, the new Apple Watch came.

  • Apple’s big end-of-year event took place this week and the third-generation AirPods did not make an appearance in the presentation, contrary to multiple rumors. The Apple Watch Series 7 was announced, but not in the form that was expected.

It also enjoys the same processor as the new iPhone 13, which is somewhat surprising, along with a True Tone display, Apple Pencil 2 support, and a USB-C port.

Fairly reliable sources, such as Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claimed that Apple would announce an update to the AirPods this year and that these incredibly popular, true wireless earbuds would arrive alongside the new iPhone.

While the iPhone event came and went with no mention of any new AirPods, that doesn’t necessarily mean eager shoppers will have to now wait until next year. Apple often has two events in the fall and last year there were three. Due to this, there is still a good chance that the third-generation AirPods might appear in October or November.